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Refreshing Yourself Throughout The Spring

Refreshing Yourself Throughout The Spring | Blog Simplicity in Vogue | @ByAndreaB - wellness, wellbeing, spring, refresh your life

It can be absolutely wonderful to take stock of your current situation from time to time and try to see what might be holding you down. Perhaps a recent difficulty has you feeling a little bit shaken, or you simply feel exhausted from the heavy amount of work you’ve had to do. Perhaps you’re quite comfortable, but still feel that you could be doing more. Maybe you have a difficult and quite large project upcoming, and you’re starting to quake in your boots worrying about everything going wrong.

It's Spring now in the northern hemisphere. This is often a season of rebirth, growth, and beauty. It’s a symbol of new beginnings. This means that more than any other season, there’s a freshness and vitality you may wish to step into and enjoy. This can also be a great place to draw a line in the sand and consider how you are right now in the present, not what the past might be demanding of you. With that advice, let us consider:

Say Goodbye To Anxiety

Okay, we admit it. It’s difficult to completely reverse the effects of anxiety in our lives. It’s not a conscious decision to feel anxious. Even a generally confident person might feel it if having to deal with a responsibility they haven’t handled before when admitting their feelings for someone, or if trying to break the bad news to someone. Anxiety, to a certain extent, is a natural part of life. Dealing with that is quite a natural part of life, and can give some true clarity to your situation. If you can’t do that, you’ll likely worry every time it shows its head, which can lead to more anxiety, which is where the trouble starts. Also, some people feel it much more intensely than others. Finding ways to deal with anxiety might be the healthiest means to start your Spring. With a little care and attention, you can go a long way.

For The Fun Of It

We often think that we need an express purpose to do something. This will make me richer, this will make me smarter, or this will make me more socially valuable can often run through our heads. This is because we are always planning for the future, always considering what the next thing can offer us. This can lead us to denigrate our intent as people. Sometimes, or quite often, doing something for the fun of it can be just as worthwhile as anything else. Why not just hang out with your friend? Why not organize a picnic because it’s fun? Why not just walk into the movies solo on a free afternoon? Spring is a great place to do this because the warmth and beauty of the natural environment are sure to blossom alongside your new attitude.

Try Something New

It’s so easy to fall into the same habits, day after day. This can be tiring, to say the least. Don’t conform to that. Do something that breaks the mould. Even listening to a new album can be the first step. Why not try thirty minutes of creative writing tonight? It doesn’t matter if it’s absolutely terrible. What matters is breaking up the pace of that which you’re ‘used’ to doing and exploring yourself as a person. New beginnings signify the definition of Spring, after all.

With these tips, you’re sure to refresh yourself throughout the Spring.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Let me know in the comments what you like to do during Spring. :)

See you soon! 


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