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5 Ways To Colour Coordinate Your Outfit

Incorporating colour into your outfit can have all kinds of effects – it can help to accentuate physical characteristics and it can also have a psychological impact on the way others interact with you. Here are just five ways to colour coordinate your outfit in order to get the best results.

Accentuate your accessories

Got a nice new handbag that you want to show off? Or perhaps you want people to notice your sparkling new earrings? By using the right colours elsewhere in your outfit, you can draw attention to these accessories.

When it comes to handbags, matching the colour of your shoes is the most age-old and effective trick. Alternatively, you can match with other accessories. For example, if you haven’t got any red shoes to match your red bag, you consider a red scarf or a red hat. These pops of colours are best limited to two accessories at most to avoid getting too matchy-matchy and you should try to aim for as similar a hue and texture as possible. If you keep the rest of your outfit neutral in tone, you can help to further accentuate these accessories.

Making jewellery stand out is a little different and varies depending on whether its gold or silver jewellery. For emphasising gold jewellery, you’re often best off wearing black. Silver meanwhile stands out well against burgundy or dark blue.

Bring out the colour in your eyes

You can also colour coordinate your outfit to help bring out the colour in your eyes. This is best achieved by using complementary colours that contrast your eye colour. For example, a splash of orange can often bring out blue eyes, whilst purple can help to accentuate green eyes. Brown eyes are a little harder to work with as there are so many hues of brown – hazel brown eyes are often best complemented with purple, whilst a darker brown may pair better with blue. You can complement them using precious and natural stones to help bring out the sparkle – crystal jewelry could be a good option. Alternatively, you could use large matte coloured clothing such as an orange top to bring out blue eyes.

Complement your skin tone

Colours can also be used to complement your skin tone. If you’ve got dark cool skin, you’re best off choosing light warm colours such as pinks, yellows, golds and whites. If you’ve got fair cool skin, you may find that colours such as blues, pinks, greens and purples work well. As for those with warmer medium toned skin, you’re better off using darker warm colours such as deep red, navy, purple and turquoise. This could be done with clothing or it could be done with jewellery. And you can actually wear any colour you want, it is all about choosing the best shade for your skin tone, like a more cool or warmer tone of a colour.

Match your mood

You can also use colours to visualise your mood. For some people black is a colour of mourning, but for others, it can also have positive connotations or show elegance. Green and blue are great colours to wear when you want people to know that you’re calm and at peace. Red and yellow meanwhile tell people that you’re feeling energetic. It’s worth noting that you can influence your own mood by wearing certain colours – if you want to calm your nerves, dressing in a blue dress or a green cardigan could do just this.

Use colour psychology

Colours can also be used to influence other people. This can come in use in the workplace or on a date. For example, red is a colour of passion. At work, it’s great for public speaking and negotiation roles in which you want to come across persuasive. On a date meanwhile, red is a romantic colour that has long been associated with love.

Blues give off a sense of calm and trust. They are great for counselling and consulting roles in the workplace. On a date meanwhile, they can come across peaceful and calming, great for a relaxed picnic in the park, for example. 

These are just a few tips on how you can coordinate the colours in your outfit.  Let me know in the comments what you think about it!

See you soon! :)


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