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12 killer ways to improve your self-confidence

12 killer ways to improve your self-confidence - self-esteem, anxiety, selfconfidence, how to gain self-confidence, how to improve self-esteem, lifestyle blogger, modest fashion blogger, mental health, wellness, wellbeing, freebie, believe in yourself, desktop wallpaper, muslim women

Self-confidence can help us manage our fears, overcome challenges and have a sense of control in our lives. Some people may be born with a high level of self-confidence, however, for the majority of us, it's not that easy. But, the good news is that it's like a muscle, you have to work on it for it to grow. So rest assured, there are many ways that can help you boost self-confidence. Here are 12 tips to help you increase your self-love and feel great.

1. Pay attention to your self-hygiene

Have a shower at least once a day. I know this can be a debatable topic for some people in other countries. Here in Brazil, everyone takes a shower every single day, sometimes even two or three. The only exception is if for some reason we don't have water at home, but even then, we will try to find a way to take a shower. 

Besides the fact that you are keeping yourself clean and smelling nice, a shower has the power to make you feel so revigorated. Also, brush your hair, take care of your nails, skin, and so on. These simple little things can make us feel much better about ourselves.

2. Dress nicely

Clothing and personal appearance are a form of communication. It says a lot about who we are and creates our identity. You can say that you don't mind what other people will think of you and that's ok. But first of all, we need to dress nicely for ourselves and not for others; second, our own brain will also read the message of whatever our clothes are trying to say. It will rather makes us feel good, empowered, and confident, or will make us feel lazy, sad, depressed, inadequate, and so on.  

People who work at home or are digital nomads are one good example for that. Many of them have said that when they stay in their pyjamas all day, they feel unproductive. Whereas when they dress something nice, they feel much more professional and can get more things done. So here's my advice: wear clothes that make you feel comfortable, but also fearless, and fit for the occasion. I assure you will notice some difference in the way you feel about yourself. 

3. Exercise

As many studies have shown, exercise is great not only for our physical health but it also has the power to improve our mental health and self-esteem. First, try to find something you enjoy doing and then, try to do it at least 15 min per day. You will see how much difference it will make to your life.

Along with that, try to sleep enough hours, the maximum that you can, as well as eating healthy foods and drinking lots of water. All of this combined will increase your energy levels, improve your physical and mental health, make you feel good about yourself and consequently, you will feel more confident.

4. Surround yourself with people who believe in you

That is so important! It's much better to have only a few friends that you can trust and that can be like your cheerleaders hoping for your success and giving positive criticism when it's needed  - but only the kind of criticism that will help you grow - than to have a bunch of friends, who are negative, don't support your ideas or dreams, always make you feel down and so on.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of "friends" like the second example and I know that is not always easy to find the good ones. But don't lose hope, try to find your gang that will always be rooting for you, even if it's in the online world. Friendship without borders, haha.

5. Do what you love

When we are doing something we love, we will naturally feel much more confident in doing it. And we can channel that confidence for doing other things.

6. Never stop studying and learning new things

Growing our knowledge and skills is extremely important on making us feel confident. When we stop learning, we stop growing.

7. Change your posture and have a power pose

According to this article, when we shift our physical state, our mental and emotional state will also change. So if we stand tall, put our shoulders back, chin up, a big smile on our face and walk like a self-assured person, we will start feeling like it.

8. Channel the confidence of someone you admire

Think about someone you really admire and what would they do or say if they were in your shoes. It doesn't matter who they are, it can be a real person or a character from a movie or book you like. Channel their self-confidence and bravery and act like them.

9. Try to achieve a small goal

We tend to focus on big long-term goals, which will probably take a long time for us to achieve until we end up getting demotivated and sometimes giving up. If instead of doing that, we try to first achieve short-term goals or take a big one and split it into small steps, we will have much more success in accomplishing them. As a result, this will also boost our confidence and give us more strength and courage to pursue our biggest goals and dreams.

10. Try to get out of your comfort zone and put yourself in the spotlight

If you are shy or an introvert like me, you may cringe only at the thought of doing that. You may even feel a bit miserable in the beginning. But if you insist on it, you will end up getting used to doing that and your confidence will also improve. I know we tend to stay in our comfort zone because as the name says it is indeed comfortable. But if we don't try different things and put ourselves out there more often, we are only helping our confidence shrunk little by little over time.

That's why many psychologists recommend for shy or introvert people to have theatre lessons because it will help them get out of their comfort zone and improve their self-confidence. According to this Climb Theatre article, performing has the power to reduces social anxiety because facing a fear is what we need to get over it. But please, don't go jump off a building if you have fear of heights, haha.

11. Avoid the comparison trap

Nowadays with social media, it becomes so easy to compare ourselves to others, to try to have an ideal body or life. But we can not forget that what we see is just a photo, a tiny snippet of life frozen in time. It's not that it is all a lie, but it also doesn't represent life in its totality, because life is so much more dynamic and imperfect than a simple photo or even a video.

We also need to learn to appreciate more what we have and how we look, because that's the beauty of life, the fact that we are all unique and different. According to the psychotherapist Kimberly Hershenson, LMS: "Comparisons only lead to negative self-talk, which leads to anxiety and stress.”

When we compare ourselves to others, it has the power to affect our entire lives in a negative way, not only our mental health but also our work, relationships and physical health. So, if you think social media is affecting your life in a bad way, try to avoid it or take a break from it for some time, or at least unfollow certain people that don't make you feel good.

12. Love yourself

That is the most important advice. When it comes to criticism, we tend to be our worst enemies. We can easily find things we don't like about us, be it in our appearance, our personality, our capacity, and so on. Instead of that, remind yourself daily that despite everything you or other people may think, you are special, unique and worthy of love.

We have to love ourselves first before others can love us too. And only when this happens, confidence will come. Many times, we may feel insecure about getting out of our comfort zone and may put the guilty in our lack of confidence, but the real problem may be that in a subconscious level, we are scared of what other people will think of us and that they won't love us.

But we can't please everyone. So as long as you are being a good person, and what you are doing isn't affecting other people lives in a bad way, you don't need their approval for anything. It's true that we also need to give love to receive it, but that is not the point here. We need to love ourselves first and only then we can love others in a healthy way and not in a needy way.

12 killer ways to improve your self-confidence - self-esteem, anxiety, selfconfidence, how to gain self-confidence, how to improve self-esteem, lifestyle blogger, modest fashion blogger, mental health, wellness, wellbeing, freebie, believe in yourself, desktop wallpaper, muslim women

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So, how self-confident are you? Do you think these are good tips or would you like to add something? I would love to hear from you in the comments! :)

See you in the next post! :)


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  1. I love every single point in this post. My favorites are 7 and 8. Whenever I feel myself kind of getting more self-conscious, I do a power pose and start channeling the confidence from someone else I know. It totally works! Thanks for the great tips! :)

    Nicole |

    1. It's really good to know it works for you! :)