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Should We Be Talking More About Mental Health?

Should We Be Talking More About Mental Health? / Blog Simplicity in Vogue / @ByAndreaB - wellbeing, wellness, mental health, depression, anxiety, lifestyle blogger

Everyone feels anxious, sad, stressed or worried from time to time. But there are plenty of people who go through long, drawn-out periods of feeling these things - many of whom are in the disabled community, and many others who are not.

When you have a disability, it’s not hard for people to see the connections between physical and mental health. After all, with physical disabilities, there are a lot of challenges in front of you that can have a serious impact on your life. However, those with mental health difficulties who are able-bodied have a rough time of it, too, and there is still a stigma attached to the subject in more ways than one.

The big question is - should we be talking more about mental health? Given the impact it can have - not just on people but their families, too - it’s hard to see why this would be a bad idea. Here are a few of the challenges everyone with mental health problems - disabled or not - can have to endure for extended periods of their lives.

The Toolbox: Getting The Strength To Deal With Crippling Anxieties

The Toolbox: Getting The Strength To Deal With Crippling Anxieties / Blog Simplicity in Vogue / @ByAndreaB - mental health, depression, anxiety, health, wellness, wellbeing, lifestyle blogger, how to deal with

For anyone out there struggling with their self-confidence, anxiety appears to be the norm. As frustrating as it can be to struggle with your own internal conflicts, anxiety can prove to be the undoing of us if we let it. But, let's get this right, anxiety, no matter how crippling it is, is a frame of mind that can be overcome. It never feels like it at the time, but it's all about the right tools.

The Accessories That will Glam Up Any Outfit

The Accessories That'll Glam Up Any Outfit / Blog Simplicity in Vogue / @ByAndreaB - fashion, style, modesty, glamour, necklace, shoes, fashion hacks, fashion tips, how to wear

Are you someone who loves looking your best? Maybe you know you can work any outfit out there, and you’re very happy to pose in the mirror with a camera when you’re all dressed up? If so, fantastic! Being comfortable in the clothes you wear is a great method of self-expression, but what about when you run out of pieces in your wardrobe?

Sure, you go out and buy some new pieces, but sometimes we’re a bit strapped for a cash. And all in all, there’s usually no need to splurge some more money; if you’ve got accessories all set out on top of your dresser, now’s the time to put them to good use! So here’s a couple of the best accessories that’ll change the look of any outfit you could put on.

What Can You Do To Get Your Career Back On Track?

What Can You Do To Get Your Career Back On Track? / Blog Simplicity in Vogue / @ByAndreaB - lifestyle blogger, modest blogger, career, business, girl boss

If you’re someone that feels like your career is off track right now, you’re definitely not the only one. It happens to so many of us. It’s normal! Sometimes, you feel as if you’ve just lost your sense of direction. And you have absolutely no idea why you’re doing what you’re doing - or where you’re going. And that is just so normal. But, it’s not something that you should ever settle for. Just like you can regain control of your life when it’s feeling off track, you can regain control of your career too. You just have to make the conscious decision to get it back on track. Sure, it will take some work, but it’s not impossible. So if you’re really keen to really kick-start your career again, here’s what you can do.

Creating Successful Freebies for Your Blog

Creating Successful Freebies for Your Blog / Blog Simplicity in Vogue / @ByAndreaB - blogging tips, blogger tips, free downloads, freebies, modest blogger, lifestyle blogger

Offering digital freebies to your blog readers is a great way to get them more engaged. You can use them to get people to subscribe to your blog or sign up to your newsletter. Or you might just have them as something extra that you give to your readers, so they get more value from your blog. If you've decided that you want to offer some freebies to your audience, you need to create something that they'll enjoy and find useful. Digital products are easy to provide because you can create them cheaply and offer them for download. Take a look at these tips for getting it right.

It’s Never Too Late To Regain Control Of Your Life. Here’s How To Do It In Style!

It’s Never Too Late To Regain Control Of Your Life. Here’s How To Do It In Style! / Blog Simplicity in Vogue / @ByAndreaB - motivation, tips, health, self-control, self-confidence, lifestyle

The thought of pressing the reset button on your life is a very daunting prospect indeed. However, given that it could be the key to finally be living the life you wish to lead once more, it’s an investment that’s well worth making. Before incorporating those changes, though, you must equip yourself with a winning plan of action.

Getting your priorities in order is the first step en route to success. Work your way through the following list, starting at the top, and the results you crave should soon become a reality.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Simple Ways To Pay Off Your Debts

Simple Ways To Pay Off Your Debts / Blog Simplicity in Vogue / @ByAndreaB - Finances, savings, money, how to save money

Debt is a word we never want to hear associated with us and the idea of ever getting into debt can be a scary concept for us to think about. However, there are times in our life when we have no choice but to let ourselves get into debt in order to pay off student loans, to buy a house or to pay for other important parts of our lives. If you have found yourself in debt this year and you don’t know what the best way to deal with it will be, here are some simple ways to pay off debts.

Personalizing Every Outfit You Wear

Personalizing Every Outfit You Wear / Blog Simplicity in Vogue / @ByAndreaB - Fashion, style, lifestyle, modest fashion blogger, fashion hacks, style tips, self-confidence, signature style

There are a lot more ways to nail your own personal sense of style than simply choosing garments and outfits that you don’t see on others. Individualism is one of the highest aims of fashion. If you can express yourself, that matters even more than looking good. Here, we’re going to look at a few different ways that you can use to better express yourself and develop a signature style, regardless of what you happen to be wearing. Even the simplest of outfits can be elevated by your personal style.

Adding Some Fun to Your Autumn/Winter Wardrobe

Adding Some Fun to Your Autumn/Winter Wardrobe / Blog Simplicity in Vogue / @ByAndreaB - fashion, style, lifestyle, winter fashion, fall fashion, modest fashion, modest fashion blogger

As some of you know, I'm currently in Brazil, in a city that is hot 99 % of the year. But as I have many readers from other countries, I know that many of you are currently facing the somewhat upsetting task of packing away your summer dresses, skirts, sandals and crops for the year and replacing the gaps in your wardrobes with wintery jumpers and coats, as well as, long-sleeved t-shirts, thick shirts, thicker tights, boots and hats, and scarves. For many of you, this also means that the general appearance of the insides of your wardrobes gets a good few shades darker. Even for those that love flirty florals and bright block patterns in the summertime, often go to safer colours in the cooler weather. Jumpers, jeans, coats, and other winter wear are often more expensive. So, we want to make sure they are worth the money, able to stay stylish for years to come and that they work with everything. This might mean that your winter wardrobe is primarily made up of black, navy and grey.

Well, while these colours have their advantages, it’s a good idea to add some fun to your wardrobe too. To cheer yourself up on dull days, to stop things getting boring and to give yourself more options for what might be a long winter. Here’s a look at some great ways to add fun to your autumn/winter fashion.

8 benefits of minimalism

Simplicity in Vogue - ByAndreaB - 8 benefits of minimalism - marie kondo, clutter, how to get rid of clutter, zen, minimalist, minimal living, simplify, minimizing, simplifying, muslimah, modest style, intentional life, mindfulness, what is minimalism

Today I'm talking about one of my favourite subjects: minimalism. It was one of the things that inspired the name of my blog and also has been transforming my life for the better. So, I decided to share with you all some of the benefits you get when you start practising this lifestyle. 

8 benefícios do minimalismo

Simplicity in Vogue - ByAndreaB - 8 benefícios do minimalismo - minimalista, estilo de vida minimalista, simplificar, simplicidade, organização, vida organizada, marie kondo, minimizar, muçulmana, moda modesta, auto conhecimento, o que é minimalismo, o que é ser minimalista, simplificando a vida

Hoje, falo sobre algo que é um dos meus assuntos preferidos: minimalismo. Foi uma das coisas que inspirou o nome do meu blog e que também vem transformando minha vida para melhor. Então, decidi compartilhar com vocês alguns dos benefícios que ganhamos quando começamos a praticar esse estilo de vida.

Did I take off my hijab?

Did I take off my hijab? / Simplicity in Vogue - @ByAndreaB / modesty, modest fashion, modest style, hijab, taking off hijab, muslim women, hijab struggles

Hey, there! Today I'm writing about things that are very intimate to me, so forgive me if you're not big on oversharing. I usually prefer to talk about light topics here, like wellness, lifestyle, travel or fashion. But recently, I've made a choice that could create some gossip or misconceptions among family members, friends, people I've met through social media and my blog readers. So I thought I should write this post more like a personal letter and explain everything, before sharing new pictures of me online. Please, read it until the end. 

Parei de usar o hijab?

Parei de usar o hijab? / Simplicity in Vogue - @ByAndreaB / modéstia, moda religiosa, moda islâmica, estilo modesto, hijab, parar de usar o hijab, mulheres muçulmanas, dificuldades do hijab

Oi! Hoje o post é sobre algo bem íntimo sobre mim. Geralmente, eu prefiro escrever sobre assuntos mais leves, como estilo de vida, bem estar, viagem ou moda. Mas, recentemente, eu tomei uma decisão que poderia gerar fofocas ou mal-entedidos entre membros da minha família, amigos, pessoas que conheci através das mídias sociais e leitores do blog. Então, achei melhor escrever esse post como se fosse uma carta onde eu explicaria tudo, antes de compartilhar novas fotos online. Por favor, leiam até o final. 

Chiffon side turban tutorial

Chiffon side turban tutorial | Simplicity in Vogue | @ByAndreaB - hijab tutorial, turban tutorial, how to wear a turban, modest fashion, modest style, turban style, hijab style, modest women, muslimah, muslim women, islam, lifestyle blogger, fashion blogger, modest fashion blogger, iCovered, youtube, vlogger, youtuber, easy turban tutorial

Hi there! I hope you're doing well. February has gone by so fast and now it's already March. What have you been up to? Today I'm sharing a one side turban tutorial. It's one of my favourite head covering styles because it's great for the Brazilian hot weather, it's elegant and modest, plus, it's so easy, practical and quick to wrap around your head. I hope you like it! :)

Tutorial de turbante de chiffon com amarração lateral

Tutorial de turbante de chiffon com amarração lateral | Simplicity in Vogue | @ByAndreaB - tutorial de hijab, tutorial de turbante, como usar um turbante, moda modesta, estilo recatado, estilos de turbante, estilos de hijab, moda religiosa, muçulmana, mulheres muçulmanas, islamismo, blogueira muçulmana, blogueira de moda, iCovered, youtube, vlogger, youtuber, turbante fácil

Oi! Como vocês estão? Fevereiro passou tão rápido e já estamos em março. Os dias voam, não acham? Hoje eu trago um tutorial de turbante. Esse é um dos meus estilos preferidos para cobrir meus cabelos porque além de ser perfeito para o calor do Brasil, te deixa bem elegante e é bastante fácil, prático e rápido de fazer. Espero que gostem! :)